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Joanna Pink, the founder of Art Club México, wrote three of her favorite benefits of learning art for children.

I LOVE making art with kids. That’s why I opened an art studio just for children! The Art Studio is my happy place. Besides being a fun way to fill an afternoon, art has lots of benefits for kids. I feel strongly that children need a space in which they can make, create and imagine. Here are my top 3 reasons why I feel art is so important to a child’s development and understanding of the world.

Helps build self-confidence

Children are able to express themselves while making art, they can take risks and try new things. When adults look closely and notice aspects of children’s artwork, or ask open questions, we learn more about the child, show them we care about what they think.

We can talk about things we see: 

“I see you used lots of different shades of blue in the sky!” 

“I notice a long wiggly line! It covers your whole paper!” 

And we can start to ask questions; “I wonder how you came up with that idea?” 

Try it at home: Talk about your child’s art using the phrases “I see / I notice / I wonder”

Helps develop language

“Wow, look at that bright yellow butterfly!” 

“I need glue to stick these straws together”

“Let’s draw a giant moon at the top of the paper”

From colours and art supplies, to actions, direction and size; talking while making art can help deepen learning and understanding. We love to introduce new English and Spanish vocabulary during our group art classes.

Try it at home: Go to an art gallery together and talk about what you see! Find art that is colourful and fun. If you are unable to visit a gallery, look and talk about the art in your neighbourhood.

Helps improve social skills

Making art in a group requires children to take turns, ask for help, and talk about each other’s choices.

«Can you pass the scissors, please?»

«Can I use the glue when you´ve finished with it?

«Have you seen a purple marker?»

Try it at home: Organise a creative playdate with a group of friends. Set out art supplies and invite the children to create together, or if you’d rather the art making takes place outside the home, sign up to After School Art Club!

Joanna is the owner of Art Club CDMX, a children’s art studio in Roma Norte. Art Club provides art services to families, schools and the local community through after school programs, open studio days, art camps and family events.

Here you can book a class:  https://www.artclubcdmx.com/

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